What is Diversified Royalty Corp. Worth?

Diversified Royalty Corp. got their start in late 2014 by buying a royalty on the sales of Franworks restaurants, with the goal of acquiring a diverse portfolio of royalties from multi-location businesses across North America. Diversified was a misnomer until June of 2015, when the company acquired a royalty from Sutton Group Realty. And then in August of that year, the royalty for Mr. Lube Canada was acquired.

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Enercare Inc. – A Cheap Utility with Growth

Utilities have long been considered a safe haven in the stock market. Utility stocks generally pay out generous dividends, have predictable revenues, and the business is somewhat recession proof (people usually keep paying their hydro bill if they possibly can). These qualities and the reputation as a safe haven has led to the sector appreciating a lot, with many believing utilities could be overvalued.

Enercare Inc. (ECI) offers the best qualities of the utility sector, with the added benefits of growth and being undervalued right now.

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