Perlite Canada – PCI

I love running stock screeners, which is even more proof of how fun I am. You get to find investments with the exact metrics you want. Want to find a company trading at 6.2x P/E, with a market cap between $550 million and $585 million, and debt/equity of less than 1? You can find it. Then you can do the rest of the research to find if it will also make a good investment. Continue reading “Perlite Canada – PCI”

How to Invest in Death: Park Lawn Corp (PLC)

There are three sure things in life: death, taxes, and insert joke inclusion here. Really there’s only two sure things. There aren’t any great ways to invest in taxes (get a government job?), but there is a way to invest in death. That is to own a cemetery. Continue reading “How to Invest in Death: Park Lawn Corp (PLC)”

Clearwater Seafoods: CLR

One of the better pieces of investing advice out there is to “buy what you know”. It basically boils down to: if you use a product/shop at a store/ use a service, and are very happy with it, it’s likely that others do too. If many people are happy with a company’s offerings, that company very well could make a good investment. Continue reading “Clearwater Seafoods: CLR”